About MacYay!


MacYay is a blog for inquisitive Mac users who love to discover new applications, tips and tricks, and other bits of information about their computers and the applications they run. MacYay is not a “Mac news” or “rumor” site, but a site focused solely on providing information-dense content that most Mac users will find useful. There is a slight focus on more novice Mac users, and especially those who don’t have exhaustive knowledge of the Mac ecosystem and community.


MacYay is currently maintained by Peter Cooper, a long-time blogger (since 1999!), Mac enthusiast (only since 2004), and developer. As well as MacYay, he runs Ruby Inside, the biggest and most popular blog in the Ruby and Rails community, with just over 13000 subscribers as of February 2008. He hopes to use the knowledge gained in running a popular blog to be of service in the Mac community as well (and as many Ruby developers are Mac users, it’s almost a crossover!)


MacYay was constructed between February 10 - 12, 2008, first put online on February 12, 2008, and launched properly to the public on…. it hasn’t happened yet!


MacYay is powered by WordPress, the best blogging tool / system / framework out there! The template was designed from scratch, then forced into the mould of the regular “default” WordPress theme. It may be packaged up as a true theme one day!

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